Sebastian Villabona (Agua)



Sebastian is a Colombian graphic designer and artist based in Sweden. He received his bachelor’s in Argentina and later moved to Sweden where he finished a Master of Fine Arts, in Design. His work spans through different mediums among collages, murals, paints, prints. Focusing on an abstract exploration of shape and color, giving relevance to geometrical shapes but not leaving aside the organic language.

He values collage as a technique that allows him to explore different possibilities and meanings in one image; the textures, images, colors and juxtapositions play in one composition where subjectivity allow the viewer to create their own interpretations.

His influences are based in the everyday life, in the urban environment and our ways to interact with the city and with each other. Some of his inspirational sources are the artistic movements as Suprematism, Dadaism, Bauhaus, and contemporary artists.


INSTAGRAM: @sebagua