Rebecca Young



Having returned to fine art after studies in theatrical stage, set and costume design, new works in collage and assemblage continue to have a sense of narrative, presence and landscape. Through a stream of consciousness and chance situations, juxtapositions between two and three dimensional forms of collected object and imagery combine into staged narratives. By creating illusions between background and foreground the images play both literally through theatrical storytelling and physically through a balancing act of positioning and careful placement as composed by the artist.  

A chosen “curiosity” takes centre stage whilst a series of aesthetic

happenings convert its purpose, context and appreciation. Often placed against theatrical mini backdrops, these visual illusions become subject to the audience’s interpretation.

The time and space of the artist when creating such works is apparent when tracking one series of work to the next. Material available at the time is often repeated, off-cuts reappear and motifs in shape and texture are re-introduced between the works. Quite often the collage is focused more so on how to recycle recognisable visuals rather than introduce a new image. By which as the viewer identifies themselves with the working patterns of the artist, will recognise when these materials translate from one scenario to the next.


INSTAGRAM: @rartyoung