Pelin Karakaya



Place of Birth: Erzurum, Turkey

Currently Living in: Ankara, Turkey

Train, bus, bike, or other: Public transportation, mostly bus and metro. 

What’s the most important object in your studio? While making collage, I always try to create feelings and meanings among colours, dimensions, spaces and times. Indeed, each piece brings originality with itself. The work left me is to make a composition over inputs. In all processes, the thing stimulating my mind and soul is music. My guitar is always close to me. At breaks, I play it. My pleasure and sorrow find their timbres among strings. 

Favourite Project you have produced so far?  There is interaction among me and pieces of paper. All my works are borne by my mind, soul and intrinsic natures of the pieces. Nothing can be created without giving yourself to this flow. I feel it deeply when I look at my collage, regarding “devran”. It consists of two pieces but the deepness it has, is beyond its physical boundary. The piece on the background was a cover of an old atlas dating back to my childhood. There are scratches on it. The second was from a photograph taken on the hillside of Mount Ararat.

The word “devran” is of Arabic origin that means world, time, age and destiny. There is an oriental couple grazing their flocks. Devran keeps turning and its burden comes over shoulders of the man in the middle who seems to have been exposed to the cruelties and injustices of it. He feels all the sorrow of (t)his existence. Woman on the left witnesses sighs of him despairingly. 

Life goes on with daily routines, with worries exceeding days and hills. To conclude: “Me... The projection of this devran... Our lands smell burnt. Our hands too. Grief yearns from chimneys”.

What are you working on right now?  Going on making collages. In the future, I would like to exhibit my works.

Favourite Food? Tomato soup. Its flavour is perfect if dried thyme, pennyroyal and Urfa biber –a kind of chilli pepper cultivated in the Urfa region of Turkey– are added!

Coffee or tea? Black tea and sage tea. Also, I like mixing bay leaves, daisy and clove bud. 

What’s your earliest creative memory? Creating shapes with play dough at kindergarten. I was looking forward to the time for it. Also, I used to love to draw on doors and walls of home. 

How do you prefer to spend your mornings? Mornings are inspiring. I like painting and playing guitar in these periods of the day.


INSTAGRAM: @_nierikape