Noémie Faligant



With the basic techniques of dot and line (drawing), cut and paste (collage), Noémie Faligant, a French artist living in México, is perturbing the contemporary visual structures of the mass media by fragmenting and transforming the norms and forms to provoke the eyes of observers.

Following in the path of her Cubist ancestors, the inventors of collage; Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, she brings the technique to a whole new dimension by adhering fragments of images to improbable spaces. She incites the senses of the spectator to develop themselves in other parts : seeing

with the mouth, touching with the ears, tasting with the eyes… Using the technique of the écriture automatique (automatic writing) from the Surrealist tradition, she creates her own world in the midst of the emotional chaos of the human condition.

Noémie’s unique style of collage is inspired by the concept of purity as shown by designers in the world of fashion. Her work is always in search of a peculiar balance and aesthetic in terms of color, shape, pattern, movement and symmetry. It’s a process of construction/deconstruction/reconstruction to which the essential movement of life is associated (Life/Death/Life). She says: “We are a collage of meetings and separations, nudity and disguise, finding and loosing.”

With her many years of European travel and her Bachelor of Anthropology degree, Noémie has learned to question everything, to think beyond the norms of one’s own culture and to reinvent herself constantly. She aims to test the details of life, to take risks and transcend personal beliefs in order to create new ones.

Noémie Faligant is a neo-vanguardist believing that Art is a passage way between the real and Reality.


INSTAGRAM: @noemiefaligant
Facebook: Noémie Faligant Art