Nicola Kloosterman



Nicola Kloosterman was born and raised in South Africa until immigrating with her family to the Netherlands just before her tenth birthday, where she currently works and lives with her three children, two cats and husband. She has a design and art-direction background, and has only recently started sharing her collages online. They quickly caught the attention of Dutch ELLE magazine winning its 2016 illustration competition. Nicola’s collage work reflects on her love for vintage as well as contemporary imagery, freely mixing and matching each new piece. 

Nicola: “A recurring theme in my work is the confinement of our modern lives and our inherent desire to be free. By literally breaking images from their original context, they are free to convey an new message devoid of expectation and rules” Sometimes torn, sometimes meticulously sliced, images are freed from their original context and placed together in unexpected ways. Nicola: “It’s a little like looking under the carpet of life, with all the strings muddled yet recognizable. “  


INSTAGRAM: @ohdecollage