Nancy Dominique



Nancy Dominique is a French-speaking Belgian collagist.

She discovered collage in 1990, by chance, while playing with pictures for an animation project with children. She remembers feeling that she was inventing something new…However, she soon realized that collage was a art form of its own.

She then became interested in its history and developed a strong interest for surrealist collages, especially Max Ernst’s. She had known his paintings for long, but the collage novels were for her a real revelation. More recently, the exhibition “Joseph Cornell and the Surrealists in New York” (Lyon, 2014) was another one.

She started making collages on her own in the 1990s. Since then, she has kept improving her technique and style. As an educator and art therapist, she also started learning other techniques such as bookbinding,  cardboard crafting, writing and calligraphy.

Nancy takes pleasure in discovering unexpected matches between diverse materials such as encyclopedias, postcards, medical and scientific publications, picture stories, photo albums, reproductions of major pieces of art,…

She works almost exclusively with old materials from the early twentieth century or earlier. Her imagination is nourished by the touch and the scent of old paper, the nostalgia of vintage illustrations and stories antique frames and objects may tell. She creates a whole new universe for these objects and likes to think they all come from her own attic. 

Making collages is for her a way to travel through time. She can turn back the clock and get closer to the surrealist artists she admires so much by playing with illustrations and objects similar to theirs. This is also why her collages are only hand-made.


Facebook: /nancydominique.collagiste