Melisa Rivas



Melisa Rivas is a 25 year old Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After working some time in the advertising industry, she became a freelancer, specializing in editorial design and branding. In 2014 she started her own business, a small design boutique, where she manages to put together three of her passions: photography, fashion and graphic design.

Up to this moment her works involving collage or illustration techniques have all been graphic design projects, but she is eager to start her career as an artist in the near future, and to be able to express more freely her personal views of life (and it’s complications) on the canvas. All the same, her collage works are very influenced by the act of travelling, due to her personal experience as a student living out of town and having to travel 4 hours a day for 7 years in order to get to University. That’s why train stations and certain means of transportation are recurrent elements on her collage pieces, because through them she intends to depict how some places bring together memories, dreams, and characters from different times.

Not so long ago she started studying and analysing the role of art in contemporary life and, particularly, the modern museum’s place as a cultural institution that shelters art, topic which she aims to continue deepening.

In her view, designing means resolving, rearming, reorganizing and rethinking. It also implies generating a new vision of reality, not only by providing innovative solutions to existing problems but also by introducing new issues that question what’s socially acceptable. She intends to be really aware of her context, her values and her role as a designer in order to take an active stance in the renewal of culture.


INSTAGRAM: @melisacrivas
Facebook: /melisarivas.dg