Marta de los Pájaros



Barcelona, 1984. 

Marta de los Pájaros’ work stems from the Humanities-Art pairing. In London she discovers her passion for ceramics and reaches a creative maturity that leads her return to Barcelona, her homeland, where she starts off an introspection that plunges her into a profound inner-self, replete with issues awaiting to be answered through creativity. She conceives each one of her artistic projects as a process; as an on-going search, set up as a one-off journey; as a communication means that receives all its boost from the will to connect one’s self with the immediate surroundings; as a way of springing up before the other, only revealed to kindred gazes.

She understands collage as a discursive means, through which she sets up new unities of meaning, using mainly literature as a background. Thus, she aims to create unrevealed spaces drawn from an accurate selection, de-contextualization and reframing of disparate material that was, formerly, part of our visual culture. 


INSTAGRAM: @MartadelosPájaros