Magdalena Grzybacz



Magdalena Grzybacz - 22 year old student at Cracow University of Economics. 

I love doing analog paper collages with glue and scissors. What particularly stirs my imagination is plays on words which I find in everyday life. In my works I try to combine images with pieces of text to create unobvious and completely new meanings. By putting together headlines from various newspapers I show, in a humorous way, the human habits and propensities. Initially, I had made collages only for fun until I have decided to present them to a wider audience under my pen name ‘JapierPapier’. I cooperate with artists from Poland. What is more, I am a visual editor in the student magazine called PDF in Warsaw. My first exhibition took place in Poznan. However, I prefer to work with local artists. Cracow is known for being a city of art - therefore it is both a great honour and pleasure for me to have exhibitions here and show my works at local events.



INSTAGRAM: @japier_papier
FACEBOOK: /japierpapier.collage/