Catherine Mellinger



Catherine Mellinger is an analogue collage artist and mixed media artist whose works find inspiration in ideas originated by the feminist artists of the Dada period as well as the early Surrealists, lending to the exploration of dichotomy in many of Mellinger’s works. She seeks to create works of beauty whose themes are not always beautiful; grappling with trauma, loss and challenging relational dynamics, all while visually exploring those events with an imaginal mind. Inspired by female artists such as Hannah Hoch, her works use vintage paper ephemera and personal photographs mixed with pencil, pen, and watercolour – the latter often portraying circular portals through which the viewer can be invited in to the image. Her works have been published in literary magazines, and she has been commissioned by musicians, writers and private collectors. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and having studied in Toronto, Catherine now lives Waterloo, Ontario with her husband and son.


INSTAGRAM: @catherine.mellinger