Ludivine Philippe



Ludivine Philippe, french woman of 40 y.o. is the creator of the collage collection “Le Petit Monde de Lulu” (Lulu’s Little World). Each collage is a unique piece of art in which the artist illustrates the everyday life of a young Parisian girl, confronted with the world, its mysteries, its happiness, its deceptions.

The art of Ludivine is not only to select the right picture and very precisely cutting it and pasting it at the very right place of the board, but to tell real stories. Her humour, her humility and her description of Paris as a little village build a fine and tender poetry.

Ludivine Philippe has been working on this project for many years now, creating many collages and sharing them on her Instagram gallery, Lepetitmondedelulu. 


INSTAGRAM: @lepetitmondedelulu
Facebook: /lepetitmondedelulu/