Paola Tassetti



Paola is an Italian Artist (b.1984) who has studied at the Arts Academy. She graduated in architecture in 2011 majoring in landscape construction. 

Various disciplines such as biology, anthropology, archeology, anatomy, botany (and their histories) provide inspiration for her work.She is the result of a multicultural bridge that tries to bring the Italian cultureand the Japanese world together by using aestetich canons.

Paola works with collage, video art, painting, drawing, sculpture and botanic prototypes. 

Her work is sometimes presented in the form of narration between the human scale (proportions) and a poetic vision.

She interprets botanic elements not just as mere appearance but as a way to know her substance.

Her ability in changing shape, plants, place, colours, object, flowers, makes Paola immune to the fear of change. So, she is strong and poetic, free from the lows of appearance, ready to adapt herself to different environments as every element of nature does.

That’s why in her vision of reality there is no difference between art and everyday life. There is no distinction between art and the purity of her soul.


INSTAGRAM: @paolatassarts
Facebook: /paola.tassetti