Louison Costes



Louison Costes, aka Chagouli, is a french graphic designer born in 1991 and graduated at ECV Paris with a master 2 in Visual Communication and Art Direction. She started to work 4 years ago as a freelancer while studying. She co-founded 2 creative collectives, Collectif Glucose and Le Tiéquar, and she works now on her own or with different teams. She is curious and eclectic, and likes to touch everything. She works on various medias and with various technics, because she thinks any message can be sent through a visual, whether it’s moving or static.

She has always been inspired by vintage advertising, old books, objects and visuals that she has been collecting for years from flea markets, as a memory of a time she didn’t experienced. 

That’s why she recently started to take pieces of this collection to create a new series of collages, mostly on wood frames, and then to collect people’s objects with their memories. The object is first put in the centre, and then the illustration comes up, drawn from the object itself, its colors, its patterns… She also likes to recycle old forgotten items to give them a second life, but always keeping their original conditions. 

Chagouli is also inspired by astrology and hypnotherapy (her final degree project was about hypnosis and human brain), that’s why she likes creating galaxies in her collages, playing with geometrics shapes and perspective.

In collage, as in any other kind of project, we always face the same difficulty: the visual has to be efficient, and you have to find the good balance to know when the project is over. As her mum always says, “let well enough alone”, so it’s just about feeling when a project is over and you have to let it live by itself.


WEB: louisoncostes.com
EMAIL: lou.costes@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @lou.costes
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