Lindsey Boss



My inspiration arises from the subconscious.  I carry with me the memories of growing up on a lake near the woods, and the relationships that were interwoven into this surrounding—family, friends and first loves.  Yet, still there was loneliness amidst it all.  I believe our childhood is the basis for all we are made of, and the power it has over me presents itself in my work.  

I’m constantly exploring my fascination with the many different types of human relationships, the wide range of emotions they evoke, and the shadows they sometimes leave behind.  I’ve looked to nature for wisdom.  At some point during this exploration, I developed a compulsion for collage.  Relying on old books and magazines to convey these ideas, I assemble components that combine the beautiful with the ugly.  I’m driven by my own acceptance of wild uncertainty.  Resisting a life of safe domesticity, I look to imagery from another time and place.  Books from the fifties and sixties are my primary source for depicting this sort of wistful yearning.  My use of negative space, missing body parts, and empty faces are my way of leaving a part of the story up to the viewer.  I’d like to recall to the conscious mind, feelings of nostalgia, and the deep, unspoken void that we all know.