Kieran Madden



The work of Kieran Madden often draws from idealized advertising and publishing images of the recent past. The cold war era was far from ideal
and the rampant consumerism, homogenization and social inequality that typified it have lead us to where we are today with society and the environment at a tipping point. By juxtaposing this inauthentic staged imagery with elements of grim realism, the result is a feeling of an
inter-dimensional tear exposing the reality of this plastic world depicted in the original images.

Originally from Sydney Australia, he moved to New York in 2008 where he lives and works in Brooklyn. All his collage pieces are handmade analog ‘cut and paste’ works on paper. As one of the original members of the Brooklyn Collage Collective and he has shown his work widely in exhibitions with that group as well as in other shows in the US and abroad.


INSTAGRAM: @kieranmaddenwork
Facebook: /kieranmaddenwork