Kate Yurkovic



Kate Yurkovic (Kate Yurk) hails from the USA but has resided in Sydney since 2013. Her loud and vibrant attitude is reflected in the works she creates, and her locational-pluralism is often an underlying theme. 

After graduating with a Masters of Drawing from UNSW, she joined up with the Sydney Collage Society to continue the pursuit of all things paper-cutting. Collage and multimedia is where she spends the majority of her time, blending the best of high and low brow practices, while showing a particular interest in the preservation of the fragile material she works in. The forms crafted from meticulously gathered material, sourced primarily from the greater Sydney region, take on an absurd quality she dubs as “the result of a Rorschach test, Hieronymus Bosch, and a Magic Eye book”.


WEB: yurky.net
EMAIL: kate.yurk@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @kate.yurk