LKate (Katerina) Kazachinska



Being a child she had quite vivid imagination, full of beautiful fantasies, that have been frozen for a long period of time. Katerina was born in the far northern part of Russia where the Snow Queen and Father Frost governs the ball most of the year with a darkness of polar nights and brightness of white snow. So, the life was black and white for her until late twenties.

Good career in IT, stable high income didn’t bring satisfaction. The seeds of the creativity started to grow, and Katerina had left cold Russia to search for a new life and experiences for Italy, Florence. The rich soil of the motherland of the arts has healed her creativity. Travelling from different countries with different cultures, finally she stopped by here, in New Zealand. Absolutely amazing twilight time, rich colors and inspiring surroundings – the time for blooming her creativity is right here, right now.

Collage making started from the way of self-expression and became a relationship between twisted reality and her inner world. In this cutting process the most important part is the feeling of harmony. “When I reach the balanced state -color, shape, proportion, I’d stop and quickly move to the next one. Most people can’t get it and it’s the best part of it. I don’t follow a meaning, I seek an expression and then the meaning emerges.”


INSTAGRAM: @katekazachinska