Kat Hanula



Kat Hanula is a collage artist, photographer, dancer, yogini and mystic, currently based in London UK. 

The first collages were born in Canary Islands, where she lived in the caves while working on photography project.

After graduating BA Photography from London Collage of Communication in 2014, she focused mainly on this technique.

Most of her work is handmade, although some of the recent creations are digital or mixture of both. The main themes of her work are love, sexuality, beauty, nature and extraterrestrials.

70’s Space Age and Psychedelic 60’s influence the retro futuristic aesthetic of her art. Bodywork such as yoga practice, movement, whirling and martial arts, plays essential role in her artistic and personal life.

She often works in deep state of trance induced by meditation techniques, dance or use of psychedelics to channel the information from other realms and translate them into the images.

For Kat creative expression has transformative and healing powers. She hopes that the sense of peace, harmony and sensuality can be visible through her art and being.


WEB:  kathanula.com
EMAIL:  kathanula@gmail.com
instagram: @kathanula