Kamila Lenarcik



I create paper collages. I became fascinated by this technique during my graphic studies. Previously I was studying culture but my love and need for art, prompted me to abandon the course and begin another one tied with graphics. Collage as a technique captivated me because having only paper magazines forces one to choose fewer elements, therefore one has to flex creativity and imagination. Additionally, I like the analog aspect of said work, all of imperfections stemming from paper are causing the work to have exceptional, tangible, human quality.

Pop culture inspires me the most, from arts and the greats (like Warhol, Dali, Frida) to adverts and television shows. I love to inspire myself from works of Polish poet and Nobel recipient Wisława Szymborska. Apart from poems she’s written she also made many collages in form of post stamps, which she sent to her friends. They were extremely simple but filled with humor and irony. These are also determinants by which I create my works. I hope that someday I will connect my art with cultural animation. I’d like to extend my interests and make art accessible for the general public.


EMAIL: grandmas.ink@outlook.com
INSTAGRAM: @ grandmas.ink