Julie Holdhus



“I don’t know how to describe my work because it’s not always the same things. It’s like asking Miles Davis: Well, how does your horn sound?”

– Basquiat


I will describe the way I work as collage, where the original idea influences what kind of shape I choose – or the material. It can be in the form of installation, video, photo, drawing or wall painting. Several of my pieces are composed of material I accidently come across or materials that have been thrown away as waste or given to me as a gift. These are lifted up and ascribed a particular meaning. It can be anything from a glossy magazine photo to plastic film or an old picture frame.  I often pick motives from everyday life and process the inherent melancholy, transforming small and seemingly trivial moments into more significant ones. A recurrent theme is how psychological stress may have a corporal impact. Because of the way I work, my productions may be natural bodily expressions. I handle a particular material as if it were a dissolved body, and consider it my task to reconstruct the object by putting the parts together again in a novel manner. Due to my interest in contemporary popular culture, street art, hip hop and artists like Basquiat, Yoko Ono and Robin Rhodes are important sources of inspiration for my work.


EMAIL:  julie.holdhus@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @julie.holdhus