John Born



I’ve had an interest in drawing for as long as I can remember. For me, drawing is like breathing. Through the “Refugees” series, I’ve been focused on developing a personal vernacular that is also relevant to contemporary culture. I chose to create stickers as a way to escape the hegemony of the square, and to democratize the work—allowing it literally to appear anywhere. 

This series deals with issues of power and violence that have been a part of not only daily life, but also artistic commentary about it, since at least since Etruscan and Roman times. As much as love, compassion and forgiveness bind a society together, aggression, racial and gender inequality, oppression, and exclusion continually work to tear it apart. In an increasingly polarized world, we have a duty as a society to ensure that the least of us are not marginalized or left behind.


INSTAGRAM: @jay_be_lieve_it