Jennifer L. Schmidt



A “spinebreaker,” bane of collectors, curves the pages of books and magazines around the back covers during reading, creating an ugly crease along the spine. This is Spinebreaker Art by Jennifer L. Schmidt.

Jennifer L. Schmidt is one of the most original and evocative artists working in contemporary collage today. Known for her signature “spinebreaker” style of feathering colourful fashion magazine clippings by hand into striking, abstract designs, Jennifer’s creations are captivating re-imaginings of paging through a thick, glossy magazine. Each vibrant piece is a prismatic retelling of the desire, the myriad of choices, and the fantasy portrayed in American visual culture today.     

Working in this medium grew out of Jennifer’s love of reading and collecting magazines as a kid in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Since then she has become a collage innovator and an intuitive conductor of pulsating colour using advertisements, editorials, headlines and text from her favourite periodicals like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue to explore themes of spirituality, feminism and modern day life. 

Unlike collage artists that employ recognizable cut-outs, Jennifer meticulously extracts fashion’s “silhouette” with an Xacto© knife to create most of her palettes, leaving only aspects of models’ bodies or brands visible in the final assemblage. In this way, Jennifer invites the viewer to place his or her own head in the space and examine our collective spiritual disembodiment in today’s materialistic world, constantly in search of instant gratification and simultaneous completeness.


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