Jamal Saleh



Raised in the mountains of Lebanon, Jamal became influenced by the nature around her. Enjoying a climb in the mountains was one of her favourite activities. But, living in the village also meant sometimes things were too calm to an extent where it could get boring. So, she had to use her imagination in order to keep herself entertained. From pareidolic sightings in bathroom tiles and clouds to drawing on collected stones from the garden, creativity was her escape. 

She had to move to the city in order to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut (AUB). After graduating, she started a career in advertising and communication. The city gave her new perspectives, and stirred her interest in a lot of social and political issues. But, it also brought in a lot of responsibilities. Shortly after, she longed for that inner calmness and serenity she used to enjoy as a kid in the village.

This is when she resorted to collage to express her thoughts. Collage was a medium that could give form to all the abstract ideas, concepts and experiences her imagination draws. She works with both analog and digital. She likes the physical act of cutting and pasting but also enjoys the freedom and speed that digital collage gives her. Other than collaging for her own enjoyment, Jamal works on commissioned work and prints. 


EMAIL: saleh.jamal@hotmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @jamalsaleh92
Twitter: @jamalsaleh92