Hamdan Buti AlShamsi



On 16th of March, 1981 Hamdan has been given life.  An Emirate National born in Al-Ain city. A varied artist, a self-taught photographer, graphic designer and amateur writer. Since he was a young child, he has been fond of art, sketching and coloring books. His mother used to call him “Qurtas” (sheets of papers) because he aims only for the coloring book each time he goes to the grocery. He has won a prize during his primary education and received many appreciation certificates, and has won the first prize in drawing and short story on his first year at UAEU. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions around the United Arab Emirates, including in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as in Singapore , the United Kingdom and the United States. Al Shamsi have received the Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship, which is organized in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design.

His work is driven by mankind, where he tries to portray and express the existence of mankind in our continual struggle in life to define ourselves, our beliefs, concerns, hopes and thoughts. Raising the question within the individual of who we are and what do, who we want to be and how can we be more true to ourselves. His artworks are reflections of subconscious and conscious experiences, and his vision lies in interpreting it visually.

Hamdan works with collage, digital media and photography and his primary subject is expressing himself, fears and hopes as human beings, and sometimes a focus on pop culture and the consumer culture by mixing digital and traditional collage, printmaking and photo-transfers techniques. Hamdan is in endless research of learning new techniques and methods that could add to his practice whether by medium or concept.


EMAIL: hamdaany@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @hamdaany