Geoffrey Wonnacott



Geoffrey Wonnacott is Canadian and resides in Kinburn, a small village west of Ottawa, Ontario. He is a self employed contractor and consultant, designing and fabricating exhibit components for museum displays. As an exhibiting artist his past works have included performance, installations, documents, sculpture and photography. His collage works have never been assembled for exhibition.

In his own words. “ Collage is a place I go, it’s always there for me. Regardless of other artistic endeavours, the genre, the medium; this appears to be my creative baseline. It feels like I have always been cutting and pasting together coloured bits of paper. It can get complicated with full size renderings, transparent overlays, registration tabs and tweezers but it can also be simple and spontaneous. Compositions can emerge from chaos. “

“ Collage is seductive, expressive, rewarding, it’s easy, there’s magic. “ 


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