Francesca Belgiojoso



I collect antique photographs of forgotten people, I intertwine them with fragments of pictures taken from contemporary magazines. The original context of the image is itinerant: I sever the faces and bodies of my subjects from the past and create a new identity for them in the present. My background as a psychotherapist emerges in my artistic practice: through my collages I retrieve the memories of society, connecting the archetypes of ancient figures with our contemporary mind. I am visually intrigued by the past, I look for forgotten images and I take them back to the present.

My collages tell stories of inner worlds, thoughts and fantasies. They are my projections and interpretations of the other person, a metaphor for the work of the psychologist, where the unconscious minds meet to find a new form of expression. Framed on a white background, my compositions appear to fly alone, the shadows they cast isolating them from the rest of the world.


INSTAGRAM: @francibelgio