Ditte Darkó



Ditte Darkó is a Danish collage artist & fashion illustrator. She has worked with collage for several years and started to work professionally with her art in 2016.  She has been very happy to exhibit her work in Berlin and collaborate with fashion and interior brands in London and Paris. Besides doing collage art Ditte has an MA in Psychology from University of Copenhagen and is certified in Enhanced Illustration from University of the Arts London (Central St. Martins). 

She finds great inspiration in travelling, street fashion and music as well as in the works of surrealist painters such as Frida Kahlo and many talented collage artists, such as Poul Lange, Michael DeSutter, Franz Samsa & Ernesto Artillo. 


WEB: didarko.com
EMAIL:  hello@didarko.com
INSTAGRAM: @dittedarkoa
Facebook: /DiDarko