Desirée Feldmann



Desirée Feldmann was born in the South of Brazil and currently lives in the capital, Brasília. As a child, she drew all the time, but it was only in Fashion College that she got interested in art, after taking Art History classes.

She graduated in Fashion Design and after working a lot with fabric and textile design, she felt it was time to expand her designs to other surfaces and dimensions. She has found in the contemporary pop art or art collage a way to express herself. 

Desirée’s career has started recently, but she’s been getting some expressive results already. Her artworks have been present in events such as “Heineken Up On The Roof” and “Casa Cor”, featured on the famous Brazilian TV channel “GNT” and on several design and decoration magazines. Some pieces of furniture displaying her designs have also been sold out.

She loves flowers and all of nature’s creatures; that’s the endless inspiration.


INSTAGRAM: @desiree.feldmann