Cody Bayne



I make mixed-media pictures, which I refer to as Neo-Urban Expressionism. The work has been compared with key artists of the 20th century - Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg & Warhol. My objective is to create a relationship to contemporary culture and the world around by forging a new visual language using familiar information which provides “suggestion” that allows for flow of context and intent. N.U.E. offers sociocultural comments that lay at the intersections of street art, graffiti, art washing & contemporary art. My specific interest lies with the social conversation my work sparks, by exploring urban decay and renewal, through the multi-hued filter of gentrification, industrial scars, vandalized mark making and commercialism that is a part of the everyday experience living in Los Angeles. Though I do not approach the work through a filter of social commentary, I draw upon visual references that inhabit an environment that reflects upon itself and allow the work to reveal deeper meaning. My work roots deeply in the present contemporary sphere whilst simultaneously connecting to references from a wide range of sources, such as nouveau realism, modernism & historical mythologies. My multi-disciplinary practice includes mixed-media, painting, sculpture and installation. In 2016 I founded C/NUE (The Center for Neo-Urban Expressionism), purposed with discovering and connecting artists around the world who are exploring the same sociocultural issues. “All work begins by searching my interior thoughts, obsessions and experiences in relationship to what it means for me to live in a society of conflict. Decay/renewal, joy/despair, love/hate. All are two sides of one coin and the weight of metal that coin is cast in -is the void in which my art lives.”


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