Andres Charbonnier Aunchayna



Andrés was born in March 29, 1990. He grew up in a small town called Dolores (Uruguay) where he had his first encounter with artistic expressions; little did he know that those would later change his life. At the age of six he attended an expression workshop, which lasted a couple of years; enough for him realize that theatre, music, painting and writing were going to be present in his life for more than he could imagine. Later, he began studying piano and flute. 

Music and films have a very strong influence in his works. After finishing high school, he moved to Montevideo (main city in his country), to start Communication Studies at UCU. There he discovered his passion for photography, graphic design and specially, filmmaking. He had the chance to rediscover the collage discipline and the love for music he had left behind since his childhood by starting fiddle lessons. He is currently working in advertising and professional photography trying to improve his artistic qualities everyday.



INSTAGRAM: @charbochayna