Andrea Weber-Lages



Creativity has always been a part of my life. Already as a child I was always crafting or drawing. I also remember some collages I made during my childhood and teenage years but actually drawing was the thing, it was a bit like a language for me.

About 16 years ago I experienced several losses in quite a short period which led to a time of deep depression. Actually I had a creative block for the next 13 years! In 2013 I decided to sign in for a workshop with the artist Camilla Engman in Gothenburg in Sweden and that was one of the best ideas I´ve ever had. I thought I would find a way back to drawing but instead I discovered how much I love collaging and that was it. Social media helped me to realise that people loved my collages. This was very encouraging and finally in September 2016 I had my first exhibition in my hometown Hannover. So, let´s see what happens next!

Collaging for me is a way to deal with the masses of pictures that surround us all the time. And I love to make something beautiful from crap.


INSTAGRAM: @lovisabet