Anne Schubert is a visual artist currently based at the Lake of Constance, Germany. Her interest is particularly focused on visual arts design with the portrait photography as the conceptual base for the final artwork. 

She immersed herself in the field of visual arts design by her curiosity and
admiration for paint and photography and her personal enjoyment of
recreating new atmospheres. Inspired by the human face and body with its pure lines & contours and the respect for paintings & the artistic environment, she started to explore their synergy in a new contemporary way. By modifying and hiding some parts of the image, the character of the photo itself ignites a new visual dialogue that creates space for another interpretation. In her artwork she’s mainly focused on dynamic competing elements with a strong emphasis on selected colors, admired textures & materials. Her work reflects a transformation of reality by manipulating the initial imageconveying a new aesthetic experience always embodying a visual balance between digital art & a refreshing manual touch and detailed handwork. 

In addition to her visual artwork and likewise passion for music, Anne Schubert has also been working as a consultant and editor in the music and media sector in Berlin following the completion of her Degree in Music and Media Business Management in London. After years of wandering and
exploring she now lives out her creative side, specializing in visual art and graphic design. Her portfolio ranges from collaborations with musicians to create visual artwork design for their records to work with fashion brands as well as the art direction of personal projects and the re-creation of
fashion ads. 



INSTAGRAM: @anne_schubert
TWITTER: @Ann_177
FACEBOOK: /anneschubertartwork