Anaïs Morisset
(Ut Barley Sugar) 



Anaïs Morisset aka Ut Barley Sugar is a French collage artist and filmmaker living in Paris. Creative from a very young age, her work is a perfect combination between film, photography and painting, three major influences in terms of the process she has developed over time. Indeed her art tells stories the way films do: by combining and adding various images together which form a whole, leaving to those who look at them the freedom of interpretation. Both highly evocative, poetic and sensuous, Ut Barley Sugar’s work allows her to materialize ideas, emotions and characters in a immediate yet precise manner. She has exhibited her work in both France and abroad (Austria, Germany, Belgium and Italy, among others…) since 2012 in various different galleries and has also written and directed several short films. Her latest film “Sensitive” was selected and screened in several international film festivals including “A Corto di Donne” in Italy for which she won the jury prize for best experimental short film. She is currently developing various other new projects including a collage exhibition entitled “The Spine”.


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