Alyx Raven Miller



Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, UT

Currently Living in: Lander, WY

Train, bus, bike, or other: I’m going to say other, because I own a truck that I love!

What’s the most important object in your studio? This is a really good question. I could say my pencils, my glue brush, even my iphone..... but I’m going to go with the mug beside me. Or more specifically, the creative fuel inside it. Whether it’s coffee or hot tea, both keep me going. 

Paper or Plastic? Depends on what I’m using it for.

Favourite Project you have produced so far? The answer to this question is probably one of the collages in my recent series “Brand New”. If I had to decide on one, I would say “A Brand New Decision”.

What are you working on right now? A cup of coffee.... Oh wait, you mean as far as my art goes haha.  Right now I am working on a couple of commissioned pieces, namely a large collage featuring an entire family. I am really excited about it.

Favourite Food? This is honestly one of the hardest questions in the world. I’m going to sound like a 6 year old, but I really like homemade macaroni and cheese, pizza, chicken alfredo, and my Mom’s porkchops.

Coffee or tea? I can barely function in the morning without a cup of coffee. But in the evening when I’m really feeling creative I sometimes choose tea.

What’s your earliest creative memory? Hmmmm... I remember spending the evening with my Dad drawing out these little sketches. I actually still have this one we did of these turtles hanging out on clouds collecting flowers and hats. 

How do you prefer to spend your mornings? Finally, an easy question! I prefer a cup of coffee on the deck.


INSTAGRAM: @keithmaclelland