Adam Widener



Adam’s fascination with disjointed art and design started at an early age when he would spend hours concocting homemade comics and fake movie posters. His most notable creations include re-designing the entire line of Sweet Valley Soda Cans for a school project and designing a number of fake album covers for imaginary bands. It was a lonely and weird childhood. 

When Adam discovered punk rock during his teenage age, it gave him an avenue to further explore his artistic leanings. In addition to playing in a number of garage bands, a barrage of xeroxed flyers and cut and paste work began to develop. His work continued to flourish as he discovered poster artists such as Art Chantry, Jeff Kleinsmith and Frank Kozik. 

Graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Adam moved out west to put his art career into motion. While working in the San Francisco design industry, Adam has continued to pursue his artistic endeavours by producing a large body of work while participating in solo and group shows. He also updates his Instagram with new work everyday. 


INSTAGRAM: @adam.j.widener