I like working with images in unexpected ways. Some work tells a story, while others are whims of immediate subconscious.  Much of my work is a commentary on culture and how the subjects of my works interact with the environments that I've created for them. Colour and perspective play a major role.

In 2008 I completed my degree in Antique Restoration from the Fashion Institute of Technology and attended art classes at Hunter College, both in New York City. I've worked mostly with collage for over 15 years. It has been therapeutic for me, bringing a certain harmony to an unlikely assortment of images. I don't always create for shock value per se, but to make the viewer ponder things, a little seasoning for their visual meal.

I want the viewer to look at my collages as dreamscapes, to shape the way the mind alters what it deems important for its own "reality" and present it with some kind of narrative.  Although you may see only one scene or place, the mind creates multiple interpretations.